About MSSA

The Municipal Service and Suppliers Association was formed in 1995 to support the efforts of associations like the Western Canada Water (WCW).

 MSSA is dedicated to:

  • The support of knowledge and the advancement of technology in the design, construction, operation and management of water quality systems and facilities;
  • The increase of knowledge and understanding of the earth’s water environment, as well as the encouragement and promotion of the necessary action for its' enhancement;
  • The strengthening and building of alliances with organizations that incorporate members from all professions dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of water quality and resources;
  • The services of the International Community of Water Environment Professionals.

One of the more visible roles of the MSSA is sitting on committees which run the trade shows for the Western Canada Water (WCW), Manitoba Waste Water Association (MWWA) and the Saskatchewan Waste Water Association (SWWA).  Not only does the MSSA donate funds to these conferences but it actively encourages its’ members to display at these trade shows. Additionally, the MSSA donates funds to the AWWOA and NTWWA conference and trade shows as well. 

Membership service within the Association is comprised of people interested in furthering the objectives of the Association.  Members may consists of suppliers, manufacturers, consultants and contractors, as well as anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the approval of the Board of Directors.

The  Board manages the properties and businesses of the MSSA. This board meets once a year at the annual Western Canada Water conference, with conference calls to take care of business at other times during the year. It is at this conference where the Annual General Membership meeting is conducted.  An MSSA Director sits on the Board of Directors of Western Canada Water.